How to Obtain PIN

Online Registration

You can now register for PIN online without doing any paperwork. Click Here

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to generate IPIN instantly:

1) Please verify your email ID and mobile number before generating IPIN. If there is any discrepancy, please contact our investor care.
2) All you need to do is fill up a simple form online with your following details:

1. Folio No.
2. Email ID
3. PAN
4. Bank Account No.

3) The system will verify the details and your request for PIN generation will be successfully registered.
4) System will immediately send a password protected PIN to your registered email ID and a One Time Password (OTP) will also be send to your registered mobile.
5) Click on “ACTIVATION OF ONLINE PIN”. Enter the password received in your email and OTP received in your mobile for completing the online registration process.
6) On completion of the above process, you are ready for transacting online