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If you haven't done your KYC

Please keep the following documents ready to complete your eKYC form:

a)PAN copy (for proof of Identity and for CKYC records).

b)For offline Aadhaar XML option, Aadhaar XML downloaded from UIDAI* is not more than 3 days old (for proof of address).

c)For non-Aadhaar option (Officially Valid Document (OVD) + Video IPV), Passport / Driving License / Voter ID / NREGA Job card (for proof of address).

d)Bank Account Statement, Ration Card, Lease / Rental Agreement, Landline / Mobile Bill / Electricity Bill / Gas Bill / Flat Maintenance Bill / Government Issued Allotment of Accommodation (for proof of correspondence address if it is not same as permanent address).

e)Signed copy of cancelled cheque image for bank mandate verification.

f)Signature image

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Download and send us your completed KYC form to your nearest Union Mutual Fund branch or CAMS Investor Service Centre.

Please go through the SID/SAI/KIM of the respective Scheme(s) before investing.

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